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In today’s world, it isn’t easy locating reputable, quality-driven home improvement contractors. In the past, homeowners located contractors based on who they knew, or who their uncles knew. Word-of-mouth advertising was the driving force in selecting a contractor. You went by who you knew.

Today, in a world of electronic media and contractor saturation, the home improvement sector has been bombarded with long lists of “local” contractors who rage in bid wars, cutting corners to lower costs and hiring day laborers instead of skilled craftsmen. This makes it very difficult for consumers to sort the truly “great” contractors from the “fly-by-night” companies.Fraccaroli Carpentry Building a New Home in Soutbury, CT

Fraccaroli Carpentry is different.

Run by lifelong local resident, Anthony Fraccaroli, Fraccaroli Carpentry has been in business for over two decades, serving the local lower-Fairfield County/Westchester area. We’ve kept our business small on purpose so we can maintain a personal relationship with our clients to deliver top-notch results and ensure quality construction. We have a strong relationship with our repeat sub contractors that we hire for plumbing, electrical, roofing, siding, landscaping, and drywall.

Fraccaroli Carpentry started as a father-and-son business, deeply devoted to quality workmanship at an honest price. Fraccaroli Carpentry has never underbid a job, leaving out essential finishing details, just to get the job. Bids received from Fraccaroli Carpentry are up-front, honest, and from “soup to nuts.” Nothing is left out just to win a bid. Not many companies can say that.

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